Photography Shoots

The artists documented the lives of this community of performers and where they live on the outskirts of the city of Yogyakarta, spending a period of intensive residency with them over two months. Together they devised a series of constructed photographs or tableaux vivant (living pictures), whereby each player was removed from his or her original context and situated in a new one.

They travelled into the city and beyond, finding the locations along the way. Each player developed his or her own relationship to the camera and responded to the environment using found props, often inviting passers by to be part of the improvised scene.


The artists took the photographs together alongside each other, directing or facilitating in turn the construction of a new photograph. For each shoot and each day there emerged a series that were edited jointly by the Artists back at the studio. Here you can view some of the footage behind the scenes and photographic contact sheets that were not included in the final edit. Lensa Jogja, a local photographic equipment company kindly sponsored the shoots with equipment hire.

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Interview with longstanding Tobong member

Shooting at the scene of ‘Abandoned Building’

Shooting at the scene of ‘Dunes’ and Parangtritus’

One of the Ketoprak Tobong members becomes the photographer

Shooting close to the scene of the palace with schoolchildren

Preparing for a photo shoot, and on site at ‘City Wall’