Video Channel

Documentation of the artistic activity and developments during Helen Marshall’s residency in Yogyakarta, including behind the scenes photo shoots, backstage, the collaboration, community enterprise and the way of life and theatre of the Ketoprak Tobong.

Reog Ponorogo Dance

Final Exhibition iCan Opening Night – 3 mins

Making up and preparing costume

Photo Shoot encounters school children

Interviewing a Ketoprak longstanding member

Using a camera and taking photos

iCan Antariksa planning the new building

Ketoprak Tobong

A Day in the Life of Ketoprak Tobong

Photo shoot near city wall

Photo shoot off site near the dunes and beach

Interviewing a long standing member

The deadliest snake in Java crawls on site

A tourist enjoys an on stage experience

Open Eye Gallery Interview Helen Marshall

Another Day in the life at the Tobong

Photo shoot off site at abandoned building

Working with Street Artists Digi-Sigit

Tours at the Tobong for visitors

Arkom Architecture visit the site

Seasonal Downpour at The Tobong Site